Neher fly nets
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Glass awnings are modern, transparent and airy, while being more durable and longer-lasting than classic wood-steel awnings. Laminated and tempered glasses are used as glass, which results in safety, durability and longevity. The installation uses weatherproof stainless steel fasteners, which ensure that the roof is firmly fastened even after a long time in our volatile weather conditions.

Background glasses

Using glass above kitchen countertops is a very good alternative to tiling. It is possible to use very different types of glass, and if desired, you can make exactly the same patterns or pictures on the glass as you want. This will give your kitchen a completely unique look. In addition, openings can be cut in the glass, for example for sockets. Be sure to temper the flat back glass. 


If you do not have a picture, you can see different wallpapers at: www.SHUTTERSTOCK.COM



In order not to be disturbed by flies, mosquitoes, bats and other insects, it is wise to use fly nets. The need to keep doors and windows open in summer is essential. So there is no way to do without fly nets. The fly net systems we offer are very durable and stylish in appearance. It is possible to use fly nets in front of almost any opening filling. Door and blind type openings are mainly used. In addition, there are sliding and even electrically operated fly nets. The fly nets we produce have all profiles in aluminum.